HMS, or Hypermobility Syndrome (for those of you lucky enough not to know) is a seriously sucky condition that affects the joints.  In essence, the joints bend outside of a normal range of motion.  Aside from being able to break people’s minds by twisting your fingers into biologically impossible shapes, it’s not really a great thing to have.  Actually, for some people, it goes away after childhood.  For the rest of us… let’s just say there’s a cycle.

Try to exercise.  Since having unstable joints results in tendons and ligaments being easily injured, you will… get injured.  Then you’ll sit on the couch for a long time while you recover.  As you do so, you will gain weight.  You’ll feel horrible about yourself, so you’ll try to exercise.  Since having unstable joints (and previous injuries) results in tendons and ligaments being easily injured…

So I made something for my fellow sufferers to print out and enjoy while sitting on the couch.

“Hypermobile… that’s, like, hyperactive?”

Receive a comment about being a bad athlete

Pharmacist calls you by name

PE teacher threatens to fail you for not running

Severely injure yourself while completing an everyday task

Receive a comment about walking or running too slowly

“What’s HMS?”

Doctor says “Holy shit”

Physical therapist is amazed by your lack of strength and/or endurance

“Is there a cure for that?”

‘Friend’ doesn’t want you on his/her team in PE

Someone nags you about your alleged laziness

Joint pain?


Gain five pounds in a week

Some teens get braces on their teeth; you get braces on your limbs

Basketball lands on top of your finger; it bends instead of breaking

Explain that having joints that bend funky has nothing to do with flexibility

Unable to type after wrist injury caused by opening door

Discover that you have more doctors than friends

Don’t know where to put your ice pack

Gain ten pounds in a week

“It’s disgusting how your fingers bend like that”

“It goes away when you get older.”  It doesn’t

Crunching noise randomly comes from your elbow; people stare

Ridiculed for pushing open doors with forearm, not hand

Five in a row wins!