If you’d asked me back in November of last year what my future looked like, I wouldn’t have said anything.  Actually, I probably would have hit you over the head with my math book, because at the time I’d been asking myself that question a thousand times a day.

One thing’s for sure, I didn’t expect to have three blogs.  I didn’t expect to be writing at all.

I guess a post about my issues with writing belongs on Blog #3, but… uh… no followers.  To be honest, I would have put a barely-disguised ‘advertisement’ on That Stupid Moment, since that blog seems to be more popular, but apparently everyone’s prepping for Halloween.  I assume.

So here I am with a barely-disguised advertisement.  Go to https://battleforwords.wordpress.com/.  Do it.  Now.  Or else my ghost friend Cara will give you a very hard time tomorrow.

OMG a notification just popped up on my phone.  I haven’t even published this yet and some telepathic guy just followed me on BFW.  This more than voids this year’s Essay Incident.

What essay incident?  Oh, I’m sorry.  You’ll just have to go to Battle For Words and look it up while I try to get the shit-eating grin off my face.  In the meantime, IT’S OKAY, TELEPATHIC GUY.  I WILL TELL CARA TO LEAVE YOU ALONE.

What are you waiting for?