The great thing about having a loft bed is that it doubles as a storage space that is well and truly out of the way.

Tomorrow, I’m clearing all the hay out of all the hard-to-reach corners and rugs and… well… everything.  Having hay everywhere is one of the hazards of owning guinea pigs.  Another such hazard is that you end up buying more stuff for them than you do for yourself.  So, the crinkly, squashable tunnel?  In my bed.  The rolling hay dispenser?  In my bed.  The shower caddy with paper towels, nail clippers, (lots of) treats and (lots of) brushes?  In my bed.  See, the thing about having to get the hay off the floor is that you have to actually be able to access the floor.  That’s the hard part.

Anyway, now that I have no room left to sleep, I’m camping out on my floor.  “Gee, that sounds horrible,” you say.  “Sleeping on the floor, with no access to pillows because you were dumb enough to put all that stuff in your loft bed before you remembered to evacuate any pillow-like material whatsoever?”

It’s actually really awesome.  Right now, I’m sprawled out on the floor with my laptop, CD player, and Snapple all in arm’s reach.  I’m also within range of any flying debris should one of my little darlings start to dig, but hey.  I’ve got a lid for the Snapple.  It’s all good.

Honestly, it’s like having a sleepover with myself.

And now… since it’s almost midnight and it’s also the middle of NaNoWriMo… and since I haven’t worked on my novel at all today… I bid you adieu.

Wish me luck getting the hay out of my hair.