One… more… thing… to… do… this… quarter…

My math final was today, and I was one of the last people to finish – this is what happens when you decide to check your work five times.  But… now I’m done with two of my classes.  And that leaves:  English.

Here’s an interesting point:  My lowest grade is in English, and that’s the subject area I’m planning a career in.

Aren’t I brilliant.

Anyway, all I have to do is revise one of my essays, and I’m on winter break for a month!  SO… when I’m so close to freedom, with only one thing standing in my way… Yep, I’m still procrastinating.  It’s who I am.  Love me.

The question is, how do I celebrate surviving my first quarter of college?  Do I binge-watch Seinfeld until my eyes bleed?  Do I eat all the cake I can fit in my mouth?  Do I have a writing ultramarathon that lasts until five AM?  Right now, I’m thinking… yes.

To everything.

Because finals week has driven me to madness.

There are some things I’ll miss, though.  I’ll miss reviewing essays and laughing at the bad grammar of others, and I’ll miss leaving the house more than once a week.  Actually, maybe not.  Couch potatoes unite!

But before any of that, I have to submit my paper.

Of course, before that, I have to play games on my phone for a few hours, so what the hey.