Since it’s winter break (YESSSSS!!) I’m at the library writing a bunch of backup posts so that I don’t get bogged down during second quarter.  This has led me to a question:

Aren’t libraries supposed to be quiet?

First there was Flip-Flop Guy.  His only goal for the last five minutes has been to walk up and down the aisles with his shoes hitting his heels at every step.  Don’t think he’s crazy for wearing sandals in December:  He’s got his socks on.

Then there was the Screaming Child.  I don’t know who tried to murder them, but their hollering made me wish that the attempt had been more successful.  What reason could there possibly be for wailing in the middle of a library?  Nobody else is doing it, kid.  Take a hint.

And finally, there is the Phlegm Hacker.  It isn’t bad enough to have the stench of molten cigars emanating from his filthy jacket, he has to cough up a lung every time he inhales.  And exhales.  Please go away.

In case you were wondering, this is why I haven’t been more productive over the last hour.