You know that moment – whether you’re in church, at a game, some kind of assembly or meeting – when you have to bow your heads in silence?  You’re supposed to be thinking about something, praying for something, sending good vibes to someone telepathically…

Am I the only one whose mind wanders during that?

I mean, for the first ten seconds or so, I’m good.  My thoughts are on track, I’m praying for God to heal Mary Ann’s broken leg, and then…

Gee, I wish I had a hamburger.

Sometimes I realize I’m off track and try to direct myself back to the topic.

Sometimes I don’t.  In which case:

Hey, God?  It’s me.  Think I could get a hamburger down here?

There is inevitably no response, and that’s about the time I start to wonder why we’ve been sitting here for so long.  I understand the sentiment behind the moment of prayer and the moment of silence, but still.  How much is there to say besides God, can you fix this?  He’s God.  He knows about Mary Ann’s leg, He knows that the healing bit is desired – that one’s kinda obvious even for the omniscient – and all I have to say is Yeah, I’m on board for the healing too.  Anything else seems a little redundant.

And no, I never did get that hamburger.