When I first started playing electric guitar, the first question I was faced with was one that – given my very high level of inexperience – was nearly impossible to answer.

Which amp is best?

At the time, my choice was basically “Here’s something you know nothing about.  Here’s something else you know nothing about.  Which is better?”

Tone, volume, bass, treble, all the settings could be adjusted any way you wanted them.  I didn’t see any kind of difference, so what was I supposed to compare?

Price.  I was comparing price.

That, and how well the amp could blow out the windows in a standard-size bedroom.

Whatever amp I’d decided on, I could have figured out and adapted to.  Six months ago, I didn’t know this.  I also didn’t know how all the cute little knobs worked.

Thus, the answer to my second item of comparison:  Very well indeed.