I’ve never been allowed into my birthday dessert until after dinner, which makes what I’m about to share with you all the more unfair.

Long story short:  The power was out all day yesterday, my cat’s insulin was in the fridge, and we couldn’t get to it until after he’d missed two shots.

Apparently, medication withdrawal in cats – just like in people – can induce cravings.  I got back from taking an English quiz at the library (happy birthday to me) twenty minutes ago, and now, as I listen to the harmonious sounds of a cat retching all over the kitchen floor, I can truthfully say that those cupcakes just aren’t looking as good as they did this morning.

Especially the cupcakes that are now splattered on the floor in a puddle with half-digested cat food.

Cats – just like people – don’t easily learn from their mistakes.  Two minutes ago, with a freshly emptied stomach, he decided to once again jump onto the counter -this time to lick the batter-covered bowl in the sink.  Thankfully, this means that the lives of the remaining cupcakes were spared.  Less thankfully…  well, I’m just hoping he stays away from carpeted areas this time.

I’d consider that a decent birthday present.