Long time, no see.

In an earlier post, I forgot to mention the downside to having online classes:  You have no weekend.  It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’ve just finished a test for my Music Appreciation class (for the record, I aced it) and am preparing for an English quiz that will take place either tomorrow or Monday.

You might say that I at least get to do assignments in my pajamas, but this is not the case when you have no Internet connection to speak of at your house.  I suppose I could wear an overcoat to the library, but the fuzzy faces of Star Wars characters on my PJ bottoms would still be a little obvious.

Besides, my mom already complains that I embarrass her.

Soooo here I am, clad in jeans and a leather jacket, at one of the few available tables at my local (ish) library.  Of course, most other college students are only here on weekdays, so I don’t even have any age-appropriate hot guys to stare at.

Seriously, the only guy within staring distance is a 40something bald dude who’s glaring at his computer like ‘I will end you, and shortly afterward, I will end the entire galaxy.’  Pity me.

Although I must admit to finding destruction on the galactic level to be rather attractive.