via Photo Challenge: The Road Taken


I went down a trail on a summer’s day,

And being, of course, the wilderness;

I was obliged to wear bug spray –

Since it was hot, I started to pray

Not to be suffocated by eucalyptus.


It wasn’t long before I quit.

My breathing problems were getting worse.

I just wanted somewhere to sit,

And if that did not appear – to wit –

I probably would require a hearse.


Looking back, with years gone by,

I barely remember this wild trek.

Now I relate it for you – why?

With time to kill, I’d gone online

And found a prompt – said ‘What the heck.’


The picture, up above these words…

‘Twas either that or sit in a trench.

The way back was quite far (upwards),

And my physique was for the birds –

I opted for Invisibench.