What’s different about college?  Well, for one thing, there aren’t any bells.  High school, someone always tells you when to be somewhere.  College… you’re on your own.

So here’s what I do:

Procedure For Arriving At Class On Time:

1.)  Pick a location about five minutes away from your class to hang out.

2.)  Set phone alarm to go off half an hour before class starts so you’ll have plenty of advance warning.

3.) Obsessively check the time every thirty seconds because you don’t trust your alarm.

4.) Start walking to your class about ten minutes before the alarm goes off ‘just in case.’

5.) Spend five minutes walking to class.

6.) Stand outside class in the rain as you wait for the class before yours to get out.  For twenty minutes.

7.)  Enter class.

8.)  Spend remaining fifteen minutes wondering if the prof knows he has a hole in his pants.